From paper to pixels in less than 24 hours.

By shifting from traditional paper records to our advanced digital platform, healthcare providers in the Caribbean can now deliver faster, more efficient care. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare management, where every pixel represents a step towards better health outcomes.

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Hours Saved on Admin Tasks
Patient Records
Appointments Booked
Patient Communications

Simplify, Automate, Excel.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Deliver high-quality care while optimizing workflows, minimizing waste and improving productivity.

Increase Patient Engagement

Enhance patient satisfaction with streamlined appointments and communication, reducing no-shows.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Automate administrative tasks and reminders to spend more time on patient-centered activities.

Modernize Record Keeping

Easily record, retrieve, and standardize patient health information, reducing medical errors.

The Product

Meet Medial: An EHR that actually makes things easier.

Empower healthcare professionals with a secure, intuitive and user-friendly EHR.

Healthcare Administration

Safeguard patient information with advanced security measures and strict access controls. Rest easy knowing that sensitive data is stored securely and protected from unauthorized access. Ensure compliance with privacy regulations while maintaining seamless data accessibility.

Appointment Scheduling

Simplify appointment booking and effortlessly manage your calendar with our intuitive system. Optimize your scheduling process, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

Task Management

Transform task management by digitizing and automating processes for precision and speed. Medial redefines administrative efficiency, enabling a dynamic medical practice with instant test result notifications, standardized billing, and automated reminders.

Patient Records Management

Access and manage a complete overview of patient health history in one centralized location. Effortlessly maintain accurate and up-to-date patient records and documentation. Gain insights from comprehensive health histories to deliver personalized care.

Effortless Healthcare Management

Transform your practice with Medial


Step one: Scheduling & Patient Management

Step 1: Scheduling


Our cutting-edge scheduling feature ensures seamless appointment management for both healthcare professionals and patients. Say goodbye to phone tag, crowded waiting rooms, and improve patient experience. With our intuitive system, scheduling appointments becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care.

Effortless appointment management for healthcare professionals and patients.

Seamless scheduling functionality to reduce wait times and phone tag.

Streamlined process for convenient and efficient appointment booking.


Step two: Patient Communication

Step 2: Communication


Our platform enables communication between healthcare professionals and patients, promoting a collaborative and patient-centered approach. Stay connected, share important information, and address concerns promptly, and foster a stronger provider-patient relationship.

Enhance communication between healthcare professionals and patients with targeted messaging.

Improve collaboration and information sharing for better care outcomes.

Quickly address concerns and improve patient-provider relationship.


Step three: Electronic Records

Step 3: Electronic Records

Electronic Health Records

Access to comprehensive electronic health records transforms the way healthcare professionals deliver treatment. With our system, healthcare providers have a holistic view of a patient's medical history, medications, allergies, and more. This invaluable information empowers providers to make well-informed decisions and deliver personalized care while minimizing the burden on patients to recall past medical details.

Access to comprehensive electronic health records for informed treatment decisions.

Holistic view of patients' medical history, medications, and allergies.

Minimized friction in receiving medical treatment with readily available records.

"I would recommend Medial Health to any practice since the confirmations and remainders make my life as a patient easier, and has undeniably enhanced my relationship with my doctor's office."
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Rovin Fevrier


"My communication with my doctor's office has substantially improved thanks to Medial Health. I get SMS messages to remind me of my appointments, which is much better on days when I don't want to answer the phone."
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Chatal Emmanuel


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